Repair Meter and Display Stock

This listing is for reference purposes only; it is not a resale stock list.  However, some items on this page are available in sufficient quantities for sale.


We stock various sizes and styles of Simpson analog meters to fit GO / MLS and other manufacturers' ratemeters, line power modules, shooting panels, etc.  We have both 100-0-100 and 500-0-500 microampere meters for various shooting CCL circuits.  We also stock various custom meter scales as well as replacement face plates (lens) for all commonly used Simpson meters.

We stock various sizes and styles of Modutec anaolg meters to fit SIE / Computalog and other manufacturers' surface panels.  We also stock replacement face plates (lens) for the commonly used Modutec meters.

We have hundreds of other analog meters in stock, and we can obtain a replacement for virtually any analog meter ever made if it is not already in our vast collection.


Bell / Worth Well and Pengo Panels

We stock new and reconditioned Datel DM-3100U1 3-1/2 digit liquid crystal display (LCD) digital panel meters (DPMs) for Bell / Worth Well and Pengo digital readout surface panels.  All that usually goes wrong with these displays is the LCD elements, which elements darken with age and exposure to temperature extremes.  We also stock just the LCD elements and have installed many for customers, saving them a good deal of money.  We have a custom jig for testing DM-3100U1 DPMs.

SIE / Computalog Panels

We stock the Sperry / Beckman / Babcock plasma (neon) displays for SIE / Computalog digital readout surface panels.  We have the SP-736 / SP-332 and the SP-324 (digital line power module only) for the NIM modules, and the SP-756 / SP-352 for the older Slim Line a/k/a Thin Line panels.  We also stock the hard to find high voltage display driver integrated circuits (chips), DD-700 / DS8880 / SN75480 / ECG2028, used with plasma displays.  Babcock Display Division still makes the SP-300 series displays (they seem to believe they are worth approximately their weight in gold), but unfortunately they can no longer supply the driver chip.  We also stock the Sperry / Beckman / Babcock SP-152, SP-351, SP-353, and SP-356 displays.

Other Displays

We stock dozens of other displays for a wide variety of surface logging electronics, including the light emitting diode (LED) digital displays used in various Comprobe and GO / GOI / MLS panels.  If it is a display on a piece of well logging equipment, we probably have a replacement in stock.

Filters (Lens)

We stock orange (amber RH 2422) replacement filters for the SIE / Computalog digital readout surface panels (rate meters and line power modules) in .030 inch thick cast acrylic.  We further stock red (RH 2423) and green (RH 2092) .030 cast acrylic lens material to fit virtually any digital readout on any surface panel ever manufactured.  We also have colorless .030 cast acrylic, and .060 CR-39 plastic cover plate material for scratch resistance.

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