New Downhole Well Logging Tool Sales

Titan and Tek-Co Division of Titan Specialties

We represent Tek-Co and Titan Specialties and we sell and support their complete line of cased hole logging tools.

Tek-Co and Titan tools are unsurpassed in the industry.  Tek-Co logging CCLs can be equipped with either traditional AlNiCo magnets, or much stronger SmCo rare earth magnets.  Tek-Co cement bond tools are unique in that they can run with any gamma ray tool, even those not equipped with a bond kill circuit (they can also be run with gamma ray tools equipped with bond kill).  The Tek-Co bond tools thus offer a versatility not found in the tools of other manufacturers.  All Tek-Co and Titan tools are rugged and extremely well built.

See Tek-Co Tools From AnaLog or Titan for more information.

Other Tools

We have access to tools from other manufacturers, and from time to time, we also have "New Old Stock" (NOS) on hand.  We have recently had brand new tools manufactured during the "boom days" from Bell, Comprobe, Gearhart-Owen (GOI/GO/MLS), Pengo, SIE, and others. 

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