Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) List

The photomultiplier tube (PMT) is a versatile and sensitive detector of radiant energy in the ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.  The basic sensing element of the PMT is the photocathode which is located inside a vacuum envelope.  When light strikes the photocathode, photoelectrons are emitted and directed by an appropriate electric field to a dynode within the envelope.  A number of secondary electrons are emitted at this dynode for each impinging primary photoelectron.  These secondary electrons are directed to a second dynode and so on until a final very high gain is achieved.  The electrons from the last dynode are collected by an anode which provides the signal current that is read.

RCA is credited with developing the first single stage commercial PMT in 1935.  Early on PMTs found application in astronomy and spectroscopy.  An unexpected application was developed during World War II when the photomultiplier was used as a "white noise" source for radar jamming.  A proliferation of PMT designs followed the invention of the scintillation counter shortly after the war.  PMTs with semitransparent photocathodes deposited on an end window could be coupled directly to the scintillation crystal, usually NaI doped with thallium.  During the 1950's, PMTs were used in headlight dimmers on thousands of automobiles, first available on only Cadillacs and Oldsmobiles.

The following is a partial list of PMT's we have used or found in various well logging tools:

Mfg.    Model           Construction         Pin    Max Volts    Max Temp

2 Inch Tubes (51 / 52 mm)

H      R1044        Box and Grid/12d      19      2000v       175C
H      R1640        Linear Focus/12d      21      2500v       175C
H      R4607-01     Circular Cage/10d     15      1800v       175C
T      9207B        Linear Focus/13d      19      2300v       175C
T      9727B        Venetian Blind/13d    19      2300v       175C
B      C31000AJ-90  Linear Focus/12d      21      2500v        90C
B      C31000AJ     Linear Focus/12d      21      2500v       150C
B      C31000AJ-175 Linear Focus/12d      21      2500v       175C
B      C31000AP-90  Linear Focus/12d      21      2500v        90C
B      C31000AP     Linear Focus/12d      21      2500v       150C
B      C31000AP-175 Linear Focus/12d      21      2500v       175C
P/Ph   XP2206       Linear Focus/10d      19      1700v       130C

1-1/2 Inch Tubes (38 / 39 mm)

H/R    6199         Circular Cage/10d     12      1250v        50C
H      R1705        Circular Cage/10d     TB      1800v       175C
H      R1705-01     Circular Cage/10d     14      1800v       175C
T      9948B        Linear Focus/10d      14      1600v       175C
B      2060         Circular cage/10d     FL      1250v        75C
B/R?   6199         Circular cage/10d     FL      1250v        75C
Ph     XP2016       Linear Focus/10d      14      1700v       130C

1-3/8 Inch Tubes (34 mm)

H      R1317-05     Venetian Blind/12d    FL      3000v       175C

1-1/4 Inch Tubes (32 mm)

H      R1638-05     Venetian Blind/12d    FL      3000v       175C
B      C83060C      Circular Cage/10d     14      1800v        90C
B      C83060D      Circular Cage/10d     14      1800v       150C
B      C83060E      Circular Cage/10d     14      1800v       175C

1-1/8 Inch Tubes (28 / 29 / 30 mm)

H      R268* ***    Box and Grid/11d      14      1500v        50C
H      R6094*       Box and Line/11d      14      1500v        50C
H      R6095*       Box and Line/11d      14      1500v        50C
H      R1282-04     Box and Grid/11d      14      2500v        90C
H      R1282        Box and Grid/11d      14      2500v       175C
T      9924B        Box and Grid/11d      14      2000v        60C
T      9125B*       Linear Focus/11d      14      2000v         ?
E      9268B* **    Box and Grid/11d      14      2000v        60C
T      9524B*(S11)  Box and Grid/11d      14      2000v        60C
T      9878B        Box and Grid/11d      14      2000v       175C
T      9888B        Box and Grid/11d      14      2000v       175C
T      9908B        Box and Grid/11d      14      2000v       175C
B      S(C)83068E*  In Line Cage/10d      14      1700v        70C
P      XP2982*      Linear Focus/11d      14      2000v     50/80C
Ph     XP2982*      Linear Focus/11d      14      1900v        50C
A      B29B01H*     Box and Grid/11d      14      1300v        50C
A      B29B02H*     Box and Grid/11d      14      1300v        50C
R      C31059*      Very Obsolete
D      DM3123*      Very Obsolete

*Compatible with the 9924B (low temperature applications); R6094 and B29B01H are shortened versions.
**The 9268 is essentially a 9924 with special lower pricing ($175.00 in April, 2001).
***The popular R268, for idiotic reasons known only to Hamamatsu, has been discontinued.  The R6095 is the suggested replacement, but its linear construction is probably less rugged than the old R268 box and grid design.

1 Inch Tubes (25 mm)

H      R1288-04     Circular Cage/10d     TB      1800v        90C
H      R1288-06     Circular Cage/10d     14      1800v        90C
H      R1288        Circular Cage/10d     TB      1800v       175C
H      R1288-01     Circular Cage/10d     14      1800v       175C
H      R1288-14     Circular Cage/10d     TB      1800v       200C
H      R1288-15     Circular Cage/10d     14      1800v       200C
T      9110B        Circular Cage/10d    TB/12    2300v       175C
B      C31016G-90   Circular Cage/10d     FL      2000v        90C
B      C31016G      Circular Cage/10d     FL      2000v       150C
B      C31016H      Circular Cage/10d     FL      2000v       175C
B      S(C)83051C   Circular Cage/10d     14      1800v        90C
B      S(C)83051D   Circular Cage/10d     14      1800v       150C
B      S(C)83051E   Circular Cage/10d     14      1800v       175C
B      S(C)83065C   Circular Cage/10d     14      2000v        90C
B      S(C)83065D   Circular Cage/10d     14      2000v       150C
B      S(C)83065E   Circular Cage/10d     14      2000v       175C
Ph     XP3106       Circular Cage/10d     14      1800v       130C

3/4 Inch Tubes (19 mm)

H      R750         Linear/10d            12      1250v        50C
H      R1166        Linear/10d            12      1250v        50C
H      R1450        Linear/10d            12      1800v        50C
H      R1213        Linear/10d            12      1800v        50C
H      R1281-04     Linear/10d            TB      1800v        90C
H      R1281-06     Linear/10d            12      1800v        90C
H      R1281        Linear/10d            TB      1800v       175C
H      R1281-02     Linear/10d            12      1800v       175C
H      R3991        Circular Cage/10d     TB      1800v       175C
T      9078B        Linear Focus/10d      12      1250v        60C
R      7767         Linear?/10d           FL      1500v        75C
R/B    4516*        Linear/10d            FL      1800v        85C
P      XP1911       Linear Focus/10d      12      1900v     50/80C
Am/Ph  XP1918       Linear Focus/10d      12      1900v     50/80C
Ph     XP2806       Linear Focus/10d      12      1500v       130C

*There are reports that the RCA 4516 will operate at somewhat higher than its rated temperature.

1/2 Inch Tubes (13 / 14 mm)

H      R647         Linear/10d            13      1250v        50C
H      R1591-04     Linear/10d            TB      1800v        90C
H      R1591-06     Linear/10d            13      1800v        90C
H      R1591        Linear/10d            TB      1800v       175C
H      R1591-01     Linear/10d            13      1800v       175C
H      R4177-01     Linear/10d            13      1800v       175C

Temperature Conversion                           Manufacturer Links

   40C  =  104F          A  - Adit  (Was SRC Labs.)
   50C  =  122F          Am - Amperex  (See Photonis.)
   60C  =  140F          B  - Burle (RCA pre-1987, now Photonis.)
   70C  =  158F          C  - Centronic
   75C  =  167F          D  - DuMont
   80C  =  176F          E  - Electron Tubes, Inc. (Was Thorn EMI.)
   85C  =  185F          H  - Hamamatsu
   90C  =  194F          P  - Philips  (See Photonis [since 1997].)
  130C  =  266F          Ph - Photonis (Was Philips, Amperex, RTC.)
  150C  =  302F          R  - RCA (See Burle.)
  175C  =  347F          S  - SRC Labs  (See Adit.)
  200C  =  392F          T  - Thorn EMI (See Electron Tubes, Inc.)

See our PMT Voltage Divider Schematics and Bob Baer's Temperature Chart (pdf file).

High Voltage Regulators (Replace the Victoreen Corotron)

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