Shooting CCL Surface Meter / Amplifier Schematics

The schematics listed below are pdf files.  The Adobe Acrobat Reader is free and available by clicking the link below (if you are unfamiliar with pdf files, try clicking on a schematic first since the reader may already be installed on your machine).  The schematics may take from a few seconds to a minute or two to load, depending on connection speed.

Casing Collar Locator (CCL) Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

Shooting CCL Meter / Amplifier (2 Pole Switch Version)  (See CCL PCBs)
Also available: CCL Meter Application Note

Shooting CCL Meter / Amplifier (3 Pole Switch Version)

CCL Beeper (Audible and Visual Indicator)  (See CCL PCBs)
Also Available: CCL Beeper Application Note

Continuity Meter Circuits

Simple AC Shooting Box

Shooting CCL

Also see:  Shooting CCL Surface Amplifiers, Shooting Panels, Shooting Continuity Meters.


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